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January 11, 2008
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GiftArt: Ninja Ai Dating Sim by Maksn GiftArt: Ninja Ai Dating Sim by Maksn
For :iconmatsu-sensei::iconmattie-sama:

She finally got to try out that dress~ Well, i hope you like it Matt. I havent been able to talk to you coz of school (and timezones) so i slaved over thisssss. *cries blood*

This pic without all the windows ----> [link]


I was kinda brain dead making this so PLEASE dont talk to me about the bad anatomy and shading, etc. ~_~

And if anyone's wondering why her oppaiz arent the usual extreme size, its coz i wanted to depict Mattie as a beautiful woman, and not juz a fanservice character. It makes me sad that she still came out looking like a fanservice character. And not as beautiful. *sigh* oh well~

The background was juzmade from a snapshot of a some room found on


Info On the Game Concept

As most dating sims go, you juz need to choose actions and replies from windows that pop up as the story goes on. Your choices will reflect on how your relationship will go with one of the Ninja Ai characters. Im too lazy to explain the other functions of the weird interface~

If you're a girl, you can either choose to go out with Matt, Matsu or Stick-Mat (lol.), and if you're a guy, you can either go out with Mattie, Nenoko, Claire or Lorelei (i forgot the spelling of her name dangit). Matt and Mattie werent Ninja Ai characters, but i threw them in anyway rofl.

The story's kinda different from the one *Matsu-sensei made too, but im too tired to type everything (finished this at 1:30am). I'll juz say Matt and Mattie are siblings, and the other peoplez attend the same school lulz.



Time: 5~7hrs.
Used: Wacom tablet. Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Mattie © ~Mattie-sama/*Matsu-sensei.
Art © ~Maksn.
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